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We have no indication from Avid as to when their applications including Pro Tools will be able to take advantage of the power offered by the new Mac Pro. Read the whole story here.

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The new Mac Pro has build to order customization, more info to follow. Avid have just released Pro Tools The Company sold Apple also sold However, the Company sold only 3.

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Apple provided live streaming of its Q3 financial results conference call…. Developing markets are gobbling up the iPhone as well, with sales in Turkey and Poland up 60 percent, and sales in the Philippines up percent. So Apple is clearly putting nearly all its eggs in the consumer market because that is where the revenue is coming from. Universal Audio have just announced their latest 7.

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Mac OSX Readme. Full details are available on the Pro Tools They write…. AIR have launched their new synths Loom and Vacuum Pro, two mighty fine beasts, building on the heritage of the cool stuff gone before them, but offering more power and some very nice sounds. With Loom , explore one of the final frontiers of sound creation: Additive Synthesis.

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Loom makes it possible. While familiar to many, the promise of additive synthesis has gone largely undelivered. The creation of rich, swirling, and evocative sounds by combining individual harmonics has proved either too time-consuming for programmers or too calculation-intensive for all but the fastest supercomputers—until now.

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Loom takes an exclusive modular approach to creating the captivating sounds and unique harmonic signatures that are the trademarks of additive synthesis. The easy-to-use Loom architecture allows anyone to quickly combine any of 30 editable modules into 10 available cells to realize incredible, previously unheard-of sounds. Onboard effects, onscreen pop-up Tool Tips, and the amazing Morph page bring Loom to life for fantastic, accessible sound. Vacuum Pro starts with two wide-range, sync-able vacuum tube oscillators.

Each features Quad Detune controls for a lush, thick sound.

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Add to that two vacuum tube filters. Choose the filter slope to capture classic tones of the past. My 9 year old is nonplussed. Please help After extensive "communication" with EA that included an escalation, EA gave me a new product key for Spore as I lost the box but not the disc in a transcontinental move.

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After doing a clean install and updating all the patches, I get the following error message after a crazy jumbled screen that looks like it wants to launch the app: "Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x at address 0x Do you wish to debug it? The game ceases to run and quits.

The Internets and their tubes have been little help, although I gather that Spore hanging on start up sans the error message above was A Thing for Mac users a while ago. I'm running fully patched OS X I'm a little behind the curve on current MBPs, but does that model have dual graphics processors one integrated, one more powerful? If so, can you change any graphics settings in the Energy Saver preferences to activate the other card? I think that the physical install media is cross-platform, is it not? If you have a valid product key, I'll happily send you my physical media for Spore to make your nine-year-old happy.

I just don't understand how EA can mess this up so badly. It looks like you can control the graphics cards in Mountain Lion with a utility like gfxCardStatus. I don't mean to harp on this one thing, but "crazy jumbled screen" just really sounds like a graphics card issue to me Spore is a relatively old game.

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  6. I'm not sure if Spore works with these. It could be that Mountain Lion is missing certain key bits that a game designed for Leopard is looking for. I'm leaning to Mountain Lion being your biggest problem with your integrated graphics being the second issue. Because your processor and memory should knock that one out of the park.

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